There was an absence of a clear philosophy and an underlying idea driving all internal communications. As a result, most of these efforts appear disjointed, each singing to its own tune, diluting the overall impact and objective. It is likely that on a lot of occasions these attempts to share and engage may pass by without even getting noticed.

The U platform was developed as a distinct language to cater to the needs of the employees of the organisation. The motive was to communicate individually as well as collectively with the employees to create a sense of belongingness. The concept behind the visual identity was a simple, clean and modern U-shaped dialogue box.

'U’ Identity was developed for efficient internal communication.
Lakshya; an incentive program was built to motivate and encourage employees to meet their targets and be rewarded for their efforts.
In every layout, the “U” mark is placed as a conversation with the subject.
It aimed at achieving a strong visual and communicative impact.

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