As KyePot’s first Design Employee I spent my past 3 years developing their MVP product, Partner product, Direct to Customer product and along with that creating a design team and training them. This experience allowed me to work fast, following agile framework and wear many hats, from brand designer to a researcher. The project below is the MVP product we made to pitch to the investors to showcase the product basic features and raise money.

KyePot is India's first chit fund (ROSCA's- Rotating Savings and Credit Association) mobile app that makes participating in chit funds easier than saving or borrowing from a bank.

Executive Summary

I sat together with the founders to discuss a basic idea of how the application should be for a user- as to what all they can do access with a project plan and how they are approaching to take this to market. Main points were to make sure that the user understands what they can do with this app and how they can access information related to any chits they are searching or participation.

Market Segment

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises- Who have some knowledge of Chit Funds or are participating (28 - 45 yrs old)
Salaried- Who have some knowledge of Chit Funds or are participating (26 - 45 yrs old)

Critical Success Factors

  • Users should be able to finish their tasks with minimum friction.

  • Important information should be displayed first and foremost.

  • SUS- Test score should be above 75.

  • Percentage of users who meet their savings target every month during the pilot.


Mapping the user flow to create a navigation structure for procedural tasks.

Final design


Designed to provide an overall view. From my research I gathered all the important figures and designed the dashboard. I showed the details for all the Chit Groups combined – including groups that have been completed, this was made so that a user to have a quick view of his money saved.

Group details Page

Shown below are the group page in which a user participating and is saving. Using color I distinguished the view for a user.

My Groups

Shown below is a tab based organization of content to distinguish
between different groups making it easy for the user to understand and then interact.

Pay In Page

My Profile Page


The MVP app got a score of 79 in SUS. And based on the feedback gathered we made changes and rolled it out in the market with time, I learned that there were many restrictions and limitations in terms of tech and legal.


Seeing those limitations gave me a lot of visibility on areas of growth, instead of being a robot who was taking user feedback blindly and making changes I ended up validating their feedback in order to show them options which is much intuitive and superior than before.

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