Executive Summary

Due to significant increase in signups on a daily basis- 100-300/day, the documentation & KYC task became tedious and daunting for risk team to analyze and approve. The agenda of the business was to streamline
the process for the team and give a place/point for their users to upload their documents and check for approval.

Market Segment
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (28 - 45 yrs old)

Salaried- White Collar (26 - 38 yrs old)

Salaried - Middle class, Middle Income (26 - 40 yrs old)

Critical Success Factors

  • Users should finish the task with zero or minimum friction.

  • 80% of users who Upload PAN Card should complete the application process.

  • 20% or less users should email their documents to operations team.


Mapping the user flow to create a navigation structure for procedural tasks.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

After multiple testing and quick feedback implementation rounds, we shortlisted the following design as it would be easy for the end user.

Error States

As with most apps, there are often edge cases that can result in lack of actionable content on the screen.For a user, this can be confusing and lead to frustration. To stimulate an effective visual response to error
and completion; the hard to miss contrast of colors red and green was used along with solid filled icons.


We are currently running testing sessions to further improve the flow and fix the bugs. This will be a relief for users who sign up as this would allow them to upload their documents easily and check for status.

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