Executive Summary

Upon launching the pilot, we ran tests and started gathering user feedback. One of the biggest insight we got was them wanting to know the current bids of the cycle placed by the group members, so they could strategize accordingly and place their bid should they wish to loan money in that cycle.

As, we designed, tested and deployed a Live Bid feature to keep users updated about ongoing bids.

Market Segment
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (28 - 45 yrs old)
Salaried- White Collar (26 - 38 yrs old)
Salaried - Middle class, Middle Income (26 - 40 yrs old)

Critical Success Factors

  • At least 50% of the total users should be visiting the page.

  • Amongst that, 50% should be visiting the page at least 2 times.


Final design

On the dashboard,
I introduced a Live bid section in a running group card with animated "Live" Icon to direct user's attention. User taps on
VIEW button and is directed to the page below.

The user is now directed to

the Live Bid screen where s/he can view the on-going bids and can accordingly place or update his bid by tapping PLACE MY BID button at the bottom of the screen.


This feature brought us an applaud worthy results as 54% of our users viewed this 2600 times in a month (as this screen only comes for 2 days
in a month per user).

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