Executive Summary

The plan with the business team was to develop an ERP platform that can be accessed by partner chit funds to do their everyday activity.

The biggest challenge with this project was that this will be used by people who are a novice with technology. The audience is used to keeping books to manage their chits and account or used ERP software which was very old.
The challenge was to make the experience intuitive enough that they should be able to access the most important data on a click of a button and the learning curve also had to be low. The design hence needs to make migration for the Chit Fund's easy. The design and development were set up in an agile and lean process.

Due to confidentiality agreement this project will be brief.

Market Segment
Chit Fund - Employees, especially Foreman

Critical Success Factors

  • Users should be able to finish their tasks with minimum friction.

  • Important information should be displayed clearly and quickly.

  • User should be able to complete their task without any error.

After gathering heaps of data from our partners we found the most important data to be presented on the dashboard. We displayed the same with an interactive pie where the foreman can hover/click on a section and easily access the business intelligence.

Based on the data collection our tech team were able to develop a risk scoring mechanism which was displayed in everyone's profile as their Risk Score.


The risk score visual had to be easy to understand which will help foremen to make decision based on logic instead of gut before accepting a new subscriber in a group.

Inviting users to the chit group was always a big task for the foreman who before use to open either their book or excel sheet. We integrated their customer data into our system and designed an intuitive invite system(digitally via SMS or Email) to help them fill up their new Chit Groups with ease.


There was a learning curve involved with our users but with testing and iterative designing, we were able to create a product that gives the partner chit fund access to information very easily.

Although our users were able to complete tasks with ease, the adaption however, was slow as some of our partners complained that it doesn’t have tally-esque balance sheet/accounting. We fixed it and are now gathering more intelligence to further improve it.

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