Executive Summary

Kenya has often been defined as a society with weak savings habit. Barclays and Kyepot together wanted to use this problem as an opportunity to create a product for the young professionals and entrepreneurs to use in their social circle. Zamoro, read "Our Tomorrow" in Swahili, an innovative gamified group savings platform that makes group savings easy and more rewarding. Zamoro was backed by Barclays Bank of Kenya.

Market Segment
University Students, between 18-24yrs.
New Professionals, between 22-30+ yrs.
Entrepreneurs, between 18-30+ yrs.

Critical Success Factors

  • Percentage of users who meet their savings target every month during the pilot.

  • Average length of time the users spent on the app each time they logged in.

  • The percentage of users at end of pilot period who say they will use the app again.

  • NPS Score of the app.


Functional Wireframes

High fidelity mock-up option

Final design


We spent a considerable amount of time ideating on having the best gamification experience with many elaborate features for the platform. By the end, we had to be realistic and practical of what could be built with a couple of engineers in a couple of weeks, we  deployed agile methodology and with limited resources we were able to finish the product do usability tests and kick-start the pilot.

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